Hi, I am Hasan Deniz,

Involved in IT sector for over 25 years...
And I have been working as an Seo Consultant & Specialist for the last 20 years...

I have been asking two questions since I've known myself...
Thanks to Simon Sinek, now I know why and how..!!


An "hands-on" Seo professional who exudes a very thorough understanding of extensive SEO for organic traffic as well as Digital Marketing and has the knowledge to know where to locate the newest up to date SEO needs. Works well in a team based environment as well as alone to meet deadlines with decision making and problem solving skills. Capable of achieving personal objectives with enthusiasm and takes advanced training to enhance skills and further increase potential opportunities.

Languages: English and Turkish both spoken and written.

Best In

Seo Strategy

Seo Strategy

Every business & organization is unique in almost every way. Being able to identify the needs by finding the strongest & weakest sections of the online business flow is the key. And to improve them individually by competitive analysis, advanced keyword research & use, user intention, landing page optimization, user experience are only some parts of the factors..

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing channels are most often has to be coordinated simultaneously to achieve marketing and growth goals. In many cases individual legs of the process has effects on the other channels. To identify each process and it's relation to other, is an advantage that is how digital marketing should be done correctly.

Semantic Web


In the age of information and technology it is a great advantage to be understood by the technology that we have created. Machine learning & semantic web and semantic marketing tools have to be used effectively to actively be a step ahead of competitors. Word to word relation of contents on web pages are being replaced by intelligent words that has meanings and definitions to the machines. We have to be there..

Social Media

Social Media

Human beings interact & communicate in many ways.. You can not do business without understanding people first. Form communities to understand people and be able to not just reach but to touch. Customer habits change, but peoples habits do not change easy..


Years of experience
Seo Strategies
Organic Search
Digital Marketing
Project Management
Link Building
Paid Advertising
Social Media Optimisation


Dec '17

PHD Media

SEO Consultant & Specialist (Contract)

  • Analysing, developing, executing advanced innovative SEO strategies
  • Comprehensive and detailed technical on-page seo audit reports
  • Managing strategic global SEO programmes
  • Collaborating with cross functional teams including marketing, developers to lead SEO activities
  • Performing keyword research process to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
Jan '18
Jan '17

WhatHouse? Digital

Head of SEO

  • Optimising workflow processes and improving productivity
  • Employing, training and providing oversight of department staff
  • Analysing, developing, executing advanced innovative SEO strategies
  • Collaborating with cross functional teams including software engineers, developers, providing expertise in terms of Seo
  • Perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • Landing page optimization & increased conversion rates with targeted campaigns
Jan '17
June '15

KD Web Digital

Seo Manager

  • Analysing, developing, executing advanced innovative SEO strategies
  • Collaborating with cross functional teams including software engineers, developers, providing expertise in terms of Seo
  • Negotiation of contracts, development of long-term plans and allocation & monitoring of budgets
  • Analysing & preparing comprehensive and detailed technical on-page seo audit reports both for clients and proposals
  • Optimising workflow processes and improving productivity
  • Perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • Creation, management and optimization of AdWords & Facebook ads
  • Landing page optimization & increased conversion rates with targeted campaigns
  • Employing, training and providing oversight of department staff
May '15
May '09

3 Soru Digital

Co-Founder - Seo Manager

  • Analysed, developed, executed advanced SEO strategies including International SEO campaigns
  • Collaborated with cross functional teams including software engineers, providing expertise in terms of Seo as well as UX and conversion performances along with Semantic entities and Local search
  • Analysed & Created content marketing & social media strategies and campaigns & training
  • Performed keyword research to optimize existing content and uncovered new opportunities
  • Constant research & up-gradation of knowledge regarding Search Engines and technologies
Client \ Private / 2014 - 2015
  • Analysed & prepared comprehensive and detailed technical on-page seo audit reports
  • Made in-depth recommendations both for developers and online marketing teams
  • Clients portfolio included some of the fortune 500 companies
Client \ Osman Tourism PLC / 2010 - 2015
  • Analyzed and executed online marketing strategies
  • Optimized Trip Advisor business page resulting top rankings both for internal and organic SERPs
  • Created micro sites & trained employees for content & social media and customer satisfaction
  • New brand page executed (700+ semantic entities + responsive + UX + optimized for age 40+)
  • Market share increased from 5% to 20% only by direct sales, resulting market leadership and revenue increase by %600
Client \ E-K Tourism LLC / 2011 - 2014
  • Led all company SEO enhancements with strong coordination among different teams and budget
  • Collaborated with software engineers, design team & content team and making recommendations based on SEO performances of A/B test results
  • Technical & competitive analysis on all related fields including Google Adwords & Social advertising
  • Trained & consulted social media accounts executives for engagement & brand management
  • Landing pages & micro sites were deployed to gain control of the related seasonal keyword rankings
  • By modifying email campaign templates, CTR was increased by over 15%
  • In first year, organic traffic up by 50%, resulting 60% more sales, reducing the costs of adwords and increased brand awareness
  • Consulted during WIPO defence case resulting in the conclusion "Reversed Domain Name Hijacking"
  • Revenue increased by 70%, estimated market share from 2% to 7% resulted in acquisition by ANITUR
May '09
Oct '04

Diana Shipping Inc

IT Manager

  • Built new company website from scratch, provided a vast knowledge of key aspects in the coding and maintenance of the internet activities, including on-line sales and dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Executed & managed micro sites with SEO keyword analysis to create more organic traffic
  • Monitored and evaluated web analytics and reports in order to develop and execute SEO strategies
  • Rebuilded and upgraded computers, network setups, diagnosed and repaired problems
  • By researching and keeping a good working relationship with dealers and suppliers, made sure that all the advancements in software and hardware were at my disposal
Oct '04
Feb '02

Onura Hotels

IT Manager

  • Administered the servers, networks and all electronic hardware
  • Created and updated websites with new content
Dec '01
Feb '97

Basamak Computers

Owner / Manager

  • Designed and built websites from scratch
  • Managed and improved rankings of websites in search engines
  • Managed projects simultaneously and produced performance reports for clients


Manchester Colege of Arts & Technologies

Business & Finance BTEC

Administration, Statistics, People in Organizations, Information Technologies, Finance, Marketing, Organizations in its Environment, Human Resources.

Kaya Aldogan High School

High School



BIA (A few good man)

Seo Advisor

As "a few good man", each of us advise entrepreneurs and people with ideas; with business models, productivity, monetization, social media usage, growth hacking, digital marketing, Seo, organic traffic, user aqusition and all other aspects of the idea.. On top of this, we intend to provide coding, product modelling, MVP, Seo and other "hands-on" help to help them achieve their goals.. Each and every one of us is dedicated to our cause and we expect nothing in return...


Vicky Golding

Vicky Golding

Hasan consistently demonstrates his cutting-edge SEO knowledge. He technical prowess is second to none and he has always been willing to share his insights. He will be a true asset to any digital marketing/SEO team.

Doron Jacobs

Doron Jacobs

Hasan is a very technical SEO Manager who understands practically everything there is to know about SEO - both onsite SEO and offsite SEO. He also keeps up-to-date with all the latest Google Algorithms Analytics and their ever changing requirements and seems to know changes that Google are about to make before its even public knowledge. Hasan not only works in the SEO field, but its his personal hobby too.

Istemihan teleri

Istemihan Teleri

A great Professional SEO. I have not met any other SEO & Digital Marketing professional as passionate as Hasan. His great skills and commitment to us has led us to what we are today..

Sebastian Yalpur

Sebastian Yalpur

Hasan Deniz proactive online digital marketer. He seems to be constantly search of new techniques and updates with digital marketing. What he finds and believes as useful, tips and tricks; he loves to share in his digital marketeer community. Maybe that what makes him special and enthusiast on the field of On-line marketing..

Ryan Winner

Ryan Winner

When it comes to Web Development and SEO work, there is not anyone else I trust more than Hasan. He is extremely honest, always willing to exceed expectations, and has more knowledge than anyone I have come across in his industry. He thoroughly explains every minute detail of what he does and goes over everything with you. I've enjoyed working with Hasan, and will continue to work with him as my go to person for SEO and web site development work. Trust me there are an abundance of people who do what Hasan does, but not one that is as honest, open, and very good at what they do. I have never overpaid for anything and Hasan will never take advantage of me.
I do not care if you are an American Company or a foreign company Hasan is your guy for both avenues. He speaks fluent English and will exceed your expectations.

Volkan Talayhan

Volkan Talayhan

Hasan Deniz has been my mentor for HTML,Javascript and SEO at my early years. Thought me breakpoints of ICT. I have been witnessed success of his SEO works countless times..

Adrian Stores

Adrian Stores

I have known Hasan Deniz for circa. 20 years+. He is one of a select, reliable group of contacts that I have established in Turkey. He is now both a Friend and Colleague. Work together has included: feasibility on developments, tourism strategy, property and investments and more recently SEO and digital marketing. I have no hesitation in recommending Hasan to prospective employers and/or clients looking for an amicable and trustworthy person.

Bosko Velimirovic

Bosko Velimirovic

I worked with Hasan on different field testing projects; Hasan is a fast learner for what he applies his knowledge and expertise. Hasan has been accurate, detailed focused, flexible and adaptable to agile environment.



I love watching sci-fi movies or tv series.. I must have watched all that there is..


Since I was very young, I always had a two-wheel.. Motorcycle has always been my favourite way of travelling..

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